Weatherology® is a UK based SME which researches weather stimuli on living organisms. We provide a knowledge base and a variety of solutions for all aspects of weather stimuli on plants, animals and humans.

Through 14 years of rigorous research we have discovered an innate weather-coping mechanism which is common to every living organism. From the simplicity of the very first form of life on Earth to the complexity of humans today, this weather-coping mechanism acts as the critical protection and survival mechanism for all life. We believe it is the fundamental master on/off switching mechanism which controls the balancing properties of homeostasis, the natural immune system and produces bio-rhythms (complex light/dark cycle).

Findings from our research have significant impacts on HUMAN GLOBAL HEALTH issues providing new understanding and solutions:

  • weather-coping mechanism (protection/survival mechanism)
  • master-switching (on/off) mechanism
  • homeostasis
  • bio-rhythms
  • diseases - genetic mutations
  • natural immune response - repair
  • mitosis/growth/apoptosis
  • body/brain (CSF)/barrier
  • unconscious - desire for food, drink and comfort
  • conscious - thought, learning, emotion & memory
  • ageing (age related diseases)
  • weathergenes associated with - drug development
  • weathergenes associated with - plant source (Chinese/herbal medicine)
  • weathergenes associated with - gene therapy (direct intervention)
  • weathergenes associated with - genetic modification


Weathergenes are a specific set of genetic products encoded as genes which express the fundamental weather-coping mechanism. So far we have found 226 primary, and 540 secondary weathergenes. Weathergenes include various functional enzymes, proteins, growth factors, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Weathergenes are closely associated with mitosis, growth, apoptosis, homeostasis, and the natural immune system.

Under licence agreements we provide experts, through knowledge transfer, with the specific weathergenes used by the natural immune system to combat each individual disease. Using weathergenes will provide better treatments for plant, animal and human diseases. Weathergenes are also applicable for direct genetic intervention (gene therapy) and genetic modification. We also provide information on how specific weathergenes can be obtained from a wide source of herbs/plants/fungi (roots, flowers, fruits, bark, oils etc). Many primary weathergenes are found in the products used in Chinese Medicine and herbal remedies.

From a human perspective the vital weather-coping mechanism controls what we eat, what we drink and our comfort. This process is enacted by the hypothalamic nuclei, an unconscious part of the brain. We have developed a measure of unconscious consumer desire for food, drink and comfort: a natural index [N-Index].

Under license agreements we provide retailers, suppliers, and market researchers with a new and unique insight of consumer actions. We provide the historical data [N-Index] to better evaluate promotional activity, event activity, footfall activity and advertising activity. We also provide long term historical data to better evaluate unconscious consumer desire, overall trading and energy use in respect to climate change. Along with these data, we provide the necessary methodology and analytical techniques required to achieve the best results. We also have the capability to forecast unconscious consumer desire.